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National Supplement/Magazine of the Year

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Flint Group offers newspaper printers the ease of mind that comes with working with a dedicated industry leader. With a 250-year heritage and forward-thinking strategies, Flint Group remains fully committed to the news industry and looks forward to continuing to help publishers and printers inform readers across the region.

Newspaper printers choose Flint Group’s conventional, and eco-friendly news inks for many reasons, including: Reliability of products, support and security of supply; Continuous Improvement that drives the company’s efforts to continually increase customers’ ease of doing business, improve safety, process innovation and efficiency, and reduce product complexity, waste and costs; and Trusted, committed leadership backed by an expert team of employees who are undaunted by technical challenges and collaborate with customers to help them manage their total cost to print.

Flint Group’s vision is clear: to be the leading printing ink supplier to heatset, coldset and sheetfed segments, offering the best quality and reliable service at the lowest possible cost, creating a sustainable future for the company and its customers.

While coldset ink has been a staple of Flint Group since their early beginnings, the company offers many other products as well, including: a vast range of conventional and energy curable inks and coatings for most offset, flexographic and gravure applications; pressroom chemicals, printing blankets and sleeves for offset printing; photopolymer printing plates and sleeves, plate-making equipment and flexographic sleeve systems; pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world.

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