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International Digital Innovation of the Year

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Drag+drop Ltd. have been partnering the Newspaper and Magazine industry in the UK since 1999 and in that time have offered many great products, however, we have become well known and extremely well respected for our online Property and Automotive advertising solutions, building up relationships with many of the UK’s major media groups as well as many independent newspaper and magazine publishers. We also have a partnership with a US based company and distributors and clients in Ireland, Canada, Australia and South Africa. One of our core strengths as publishing experts is that we understand future trends in our industry and react ahead of the pack. Consequently, the last few years have seen us investing significant resource into Social and Mobile solutions, these include iPhone, iPad and Android applications – aimed at all regional publications not only for Properties and Automotive, but now include complete newspaper mobile applications with many features, for example:- weather, traffic, all editorial content and of course, many advertising links throughout the content. On a completely different path, our latest ventures in the UK include outsourcing opportunities for property ad production. For this we have drawn on our expertise gained in our US operation Outsourcing is a way of life for our customers there, in fact, over the past 5 years it has become part of the overall service on offer to our US clients. Nearer to home, we have been servicing large estate agent groups in the UK for at least 4 years with the same service. We feel that, with the shift to outsourcing within our industry, it will become a larger part of Drag+drop’s future business in the UK.Looking further ahead, automated augmented reality for all sections of newspapers is also at the top of our development list – the word “automated” is the key here. We are convinced that it will play a large part in the future of publishing and intend to be the forerunners in the introduction of this technology.

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