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Newspaper Printer of the Year

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More value for the entire newspaper printing business

In this hugely competitive market the newspaper industry is always looking for ways to minimise their production costs, whilst also looking at new sources of revenue. Agfa investment in the development of leading edge innovations to help the newspaper market respond to the challenges of the sector is unrivalled with the continued focus to bring new services, software, hardware and plate technologies to the market.

Agfa Graphics’ ECO³ program for newspaper printers makes a printer’s business more ecological and more cost-effective and profitable, with systems that are easier to operate and maintain. To maintain profitability, Agfa´s ECO³ solutions aim to reduce operating costs, to increase efficiency and process automation, to lengthen the maintenance cycles of clean-out units, to achieve the first sellable sheet as soon as possible, and finally, to enable ink savings. The ecological aspect of ECO³ includes the elimination or minimization of chemistry, reduction of waste (paper as the critical factor), water and energy consumption, and the possibility to re-use consumables.

Spiral Screening adds a whole new dimension in quality for the customer with new screening capable up to 150 LPI

Agfa can also provide hosted software services, from full cloud based systems to colour manipulation and storage, with no hardware at site and 24 hour seven days a week coverage and support.

We are continually looking at our plate technology to allow the best fit for our customers with new products like the zero heat Avatar plate.

So, all in all Agfa has the entire newspaper market covered.

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