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Regional Daily Newspaper of the Year

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Three consecutive issues of the newspaper (Monday – Saturday) published between 1 January 2018 and 1 February 2019 must be submitted for judging.

Every entry will be judged on the following elements: Print Production, Design, Content and Commercial Innovation.

Judges will be scoring each of these headings separately on judging day – with the entry gaining the most marks across the board winning the category.

Every entry must be accompanied by a maximum 500-word printed summary – clearly laid out summaries that address the criteria headings separately will be looked upon favourably by the judging panel.

Sales/distribution figures (ABC, BPA or otherwise audited) for January-June 2017 and January-June 2018 periods must be submitted, or latest available monthly figures with full year-on-year comparison. Audited source must be provided. Without these figures your entry will be ineligible.

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